Please be aware of Fake PayPal emails

Please be aware of emails that appear to be a Paypal reciept for an Ebay payment. The message is not from Paypal and the links provided in the receipt do not take you to Paypal. Please do not click the links.

Please be Aware of Fake Wire Transfer Emails

Please be aware of emails that appear to be from or similar and a subject line of "Wire transfer was rejected". The message advises the recipient to click a link to view the report. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. The message is not from the Federal Reserve or any bank.

Phone Phishing Scam Alert

Please be aware of phone phishing scams attempting to obtain ATM, Debit, or Credit Card information. DO NOT PROVIDE THIS INFORMATION. Please contact us immediately at 855-413-3544 if you provide the caller this information. You can also call our Debit Card Hotline at 1-877-849-5533

ID Theft Prevention

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